It seems that there has been a drastic increase the the obsessions that people have with animals lately. Have you given into the animal craze too?

From dogs and cats to sloths and goats, it seems that people everywhere are going wild about animals! Pictures of them cover social media sites and if your friends are anything like mine, you get text messages of them too.

Take a look at some of these precious animal pics:


  • Sloth

    "Well hello there."
    Bennett Raglin, Getty Images
  • Kitten

    "I haven't eaten anything, what are you talking about?"
    Billie Joe, Getty Images
  • Hippo

    Nap time.
    Fox Photos, Hulton Archive
  • Dog

    Tell me you don't love that face...I bet you can't.
    Spencer Platt, Getty Images
  • Giraffe

    A giraffe calf's undeniably cute.
    Sean Gallup, Getty Images
  • Goat

    Look at that smirk...this staring contest is on.
    Matt Cardy, Getty Images
  • Tiger

    Ferociously adorable.
    Justin Sullivan, Getty Images
  • Dolphin

    Isn't this great? (The answer is dolphinately)
    David McNew, Getty Images
  • Pig

    Sleepy piglets.
    Jeff J. Mitchell, Getty Images
  • Koala

    Snacks on snacks on snacks.
    David McNew, Getty Images