Classes aren't the only place for learning at college, so why limit my knowledge to textbook material?

I'm only halfway through my college career, so I've still got plenty of time to add to this list, but I think I've learned a lot in my two years as a college student! There's a lot more to college than memorizing vocab words and 8-page papers the night before they're due.

In honor of going back to college in a week, I thought I would reflect on what I have already learned there. Even though I know I've learned a lot in the classroom at college, these are really the most valuable lessons:

1. Anything Can Be Cooked In A Microwave

I'm not even kidding, you can cook anything in a microwave. I made scrambled eggs and a waffle every day for breakfast for a whole semester in the microwave in my dorm room. And it cuts down on the number of dishes used too - BONUS!

2. People Are Pretty Fascinating

People are weird. And cool. And I really enjoy people-watching and learning about their lives. I've met people from all over the US and even a few other countries at college. Whether I'm in line for Starbucks or sitting in class, there are always cool people nearby - so the real question is why wouldn't I strike up a conversation with them? Plus, you never know if they could be a valuable connection later in your life!

3. Sleep Is Overrated At College

People always told me that I would only have two of the following three things in college: a social life, good grades and sleep. I didn't understand that AT ALL until I got to college. Then I realized that sleep was obviously the least important of the three because caffeine exists in this wonderful world.

4. The Best Excuse Ever

"I'm a poor college student." It works for everything - buying cheap foods, taking laundry home to friends houses on the weekend so you don't have to pay to wash them, shopping online sales, not going to the movies or anything that costs money, etc. Plus, when I come home it will occasionally work on my parents...occasionally.

5. 24 Hours Is An Endless Amount Of Time

When I'm at home, it takes me all day to accomplish 3 really simple tasks because I constantly get distracted. But when I'm at school, I have so much more time (probably as a result of aforementioned Lesson 3). Don't get me wrong, I still procrastinate at school sometimes, but I can really get some work done when I need to - even at 2:30 a.m.

6. SEC Football Is God's Gift To The World

Sorry to all of you who love other teams or prefer high school or pro football, but the SEC is where it's really at. Every weekend during football season, I'm either going to a home football game, road tripping to an away game or watching the game on TV. Football is my life during the fall. I watch it obsessively and I will argue that my team is the best, even when they are on a huge losing streak.

7. School Spirit Is A Beautiful Thing (WAR EAGLE, Y'ALL!)

I'm obsessed with my university - in a healthy way, I promise. From the fight song to campus traditions, I love everything about it. I've never felt more a part of anything in my life and there are around 25,000 students currently enrolled with me. It's an awesome feeling. Even when traditions fade away, the emotional attachment will always be a part of the school and everyone involved - I apologize for getting sappy, but everyone at Auburn really misses Toomer's Oaks.

8. Friends Are Family

When you get to college and your family is no longer there all the time, you adapt to the new world of college by turning your friends into your family. You can bust into their rooms at absurd hours of the night when you need to talk or help with your homework, you can call them moments before to go do something with you and you can count on them like family.

9. Naps Are The Greatest Thing Since Sliced Bread

Like most kids, I never wanted to take naps when I was little. Looking back, that's the one thing I would change about my childhood. Naps are awesome. Pull an all-nighter? No worries, just nap between classes. The best part is, college campuses have tons of napping spots for when you just need a quick catnap! Couches or comfy chairs in the student center or library, the back row of auditorium lecture halls and friends' dorm rooms are always available when you need a break!

10. College Isn't The Real World

Even though most college students like to think that they have made it to "the real world" when they get to college, they're wrong. It's taken me a while to realize this, but college is actually the last time you get to live without the responsibilities of being a grownup. If I only have two more years of this, then by all means I'm going to enjoy every moment of it!