It’s back to school already? One thing I always dread doing is paying for school supplies. Each and every year they get more expensive. With some schools asking you to bring more than any one child could use, it's tough.  Us moms and dads are always looking for the deals on school supplies, and I put together some ideas that I think might be helpful. 

Online Deals and Coupons

RetailMeNot has online promotions and coupon codes that can be very  helpful for online shopping. If you like to actually shop in a store, (I do) check out for the best coupons and in-store promotions!


Buy Bulk With Friends

Shopping in bulk isn’t a great idea if you're just shopping for one or two kids, but if you team up with friends, it's a great way to save. If you don’t have a warehouse store membership, no worries, just check out DiscountSchoolSupply. Usually the sites offer free shipping for a purchase of $50 or more. You will easily hit that, especially shopping for several kids.


Coupon Swapping

Swapping coupons is a great way to help yourself and others. Swap sites such us SwapMamas allows you to list what you don’t need and ask for what you don’t have.


Shop Around

Check weekly flyers for local stores. Drugstores are usually the most expensive option (although at times you can get a good deal), while dollar stores are one of the cheapest place to shop for supplies. The only problem with dollar stores is the lack of choices.


Tax Free Weekend

Starting today and through this weekend is tax free on school supplies, backpacks and more in Texas. It's just another great way to save!

KNUE could help you out on saving for back to school with our Back To School package. Enter and win now in the Country Club. The Back To School Package includes a $100 gift card to Academy Sports & Outdoors and a $100 gift card to Wal-Mart.

Remember drivers to watch for "school zones." We have to get back in the habit of slowing down and watching for the kids. Have a great school year everybody!