Last week I wrote a post about finding a "last minute" homecoming mum because I had forgotten it was Chloe's senior homecoming. I finally found her a mum, and I was so grateful because a mum at homecoming is so important.   So when I came across this story about homecoming I had to share. 82- year-old Frances Wood, as crowned homecoming queen at MidAmerica Nazarene University in Kansas. Yes, Frances is the oldest student  at the University, and very popular it seems. After the death of her husband, Frances enrolled in the college.

Here's what Frances told her local television station KCTV:

"I was beginning to get just a little lonely and depressed. I needed something different to do and believe me, this is different," Wood told KCTV. "I thought is this really real, am I really doing this," she added.

When she was crowned "Homecoming Granny" Frances received a standing ovation.