Have you guys, check out this story. A sixth-grader from Michigan brought a backpack stuffed full of cash -- $20,000 in cash that is! Not only did the student bring the cash to school, but handed out the cash in $100 bills to classmates. I've heard of "secret pals" and "secret santas" but this is on a whole different level. A 6th grader passing out $20,000 in cash will get a lot of attention.

According to Taylor Police Department, they received a call from Taylor School District about the matter this past Monday. When the police got to the school, they found out about the student passing out money to classmates. Reportedly, one student received a $100, while two others received $200 and $500, respectively.

Police say the student told them she got the money from a neighbor across the street from her home. Hmmm? The police knew the story sounded "fishy", so the police suspected some kind of criminal activity was going on. A child with $20,000 in cash, would certainly send up a few "red" flags, don't ya' think?

So far, the Taylor Michigan police have no leads. Police have the money now and they're holding on to it until the family who says it's their cash can provide them with a reasonable explanation of where it came from and what it was to be used for.

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