It's the norm these days to have both parents in the home working. It's a must for some us, just to make the bills. But I know parents sometimes miss being at home and spending those precious, and fleeting, moments with their children when they are little.

This is the case for Emio Tomeoni, of Kansas City, Mo., who works odd hours and often finds himself at home during the day with his son, Xavier. He would always tell his wife, Stephanie Ramos, about the great day he’d had with their son, but really wanted her to see it rather than just hear about it.

Tomeoni knew his wife would come home stressed after a long day at work. So being the great husband he is, he would do his best to have the house cleaned so it would be comfortable for her by the time she got there.

One day he decided to film his day with their son and give his wife a glimpse of all their fun. This is a great time-lapse video I think you'll enjoy!