This a truly a heroic act. 12-year-old Josh McQuoid from New Zealand found himself swept out to sea by some pretty rough waters. But thanks to the quick thinking of some police officers and folks at the beach, they saved his life. The beachgoers formed a 'human chain' and in pulled the boy back to shore.

The incident happened on Marine Parade in Napier yesterday. The boy was dragged about 500 feet along the beach and fought eight long minutes for air as the surf pounded him.

Here's what the boy told One News in New Zealand about his experience:

“The waves smashed me so much, there were five really big ones, they flipped me around quite a few times. I think the longest for about 20 seconds.”

Constable Paul Bailey of the Napier Police was the first one into the water to attempt to rescue the young boy, but had a difficult time holding on to him.

“A few times under the waves I was thinking, ‘Have I done the right thing charging in here? Is it going to be two bodies they’re looking for.'"

It was the quick thinking of another officer who instructed beachgoers to form a human chain from the beach into the water to bring the young victim and the officer who was also in the water.

As the human chain pulled the boys lifeless body to shore, he was unresponsive. Rescuers did revive him before he was taken to the hospital.

The dramatic video captured during the rescue is amazing!