Looking for the perfect gift for that special little girl? Well if you want to really impress - get her an American Girl doll. American Girl dolls are definitely special and the dolls are exquisite. But there's more to the American Girl doll company that's special.

Most dolls from high-end companies resemble a typical beautiful doll that most girls can't relate too, but that's not true with American Girl dolls because they strive to be more real and all - inclusive. The doll company goes out of its way to represent girls from all walks of life and every circumstance.

The dolls come in a great selection of skin tones, hair color and eye color, which can be mixed and matched so the doll resembles its owner.

But something that caught my attention is the new Special Sparkle line from the company that features hearing aids, allergy free lunch bags, glasses, braces for the teeth, crutches or a wheel chair, and the company recently began to offer dolls without hair to represent those who have lost hair to cancer.

A representative from American Girl doll had this to say about the company:

"We have a long history of speaking to diversity and making girls feel good about themselves, and this is just another way we are expanding on the idea," said American Girl Doll spokeswoman Julie Parks.

American Girl books and movies also do a wonderful job of dealing with problems girls may encounter in life. For instance the doll, McKenna is a gymnast who struggles with injuries and a learning disability. The doll, Jesse, is a smart girl who is  is confined in a wheel chair.

My niece, who has learning disabilities, has several American Girl dolls and loves them. Me and my family love buying clothes and accessories for her dolls. So if you are struggling on what to get that precious girl in your family, you might check out the American Girl doll, it's worth the investment.