Our good pal, Aaron Watson will be live this Thursday, March 29 at Graham Central Station in Longview. To help build anticipation for the monster-sized concert, Watson called in to the show last week and each time he did we hooked up one lucky listener with Meet and Greet passes for the show -- Plus we had our usual buckets o' fun. Check out the audio all you Honky-Tonk-Kid-Heads and be sure to get signed up for your chance at Meet and Greets.

The best part of the Aaron Watson Takeover was we had no idea when he was callin' in. He just called up whenever he had a minute or two to spare. For his first call he tried to request one of his own songs, he didn't disguise his voice very well at all though.

The next time he called in, Aaron implied I was lying to my listeners, which lead to a heated exchange. He also shared a humorous story about his son requesting to sing an Aaron Watson song in church -- one perhaps a little inappropriate for church.

In this next segment Aaron reveals he doesn't appreciate my now world famous game "5 Questions" and how he's glad he didn't have to play it this time.

Ladies, in the final segment Aaron tells us he wants a high percentage of all you East Texas girls in attendance Thursday night at Grahams. Give the audio a listen, then click here to buy your tickets now or enter your email address below for your chance to meet and greet The Honky Tonk Kid.