The uber-competitive Aaron Watson will be live in concert Thursday at Graham Central Station (buy tickets here) and it may be his competitive nature but it seems every time he stops by or calls into Radio Texas Live he has a hard time dealing with my challenging games.  Case in point "5 Questions" when he stopped by the RTX studio earlier in the year, click here to listen to that.

Back to last week, I was simply trying to promote his show this Thursday at Grahams but we couldn't do it without him bringing up one of my questions from like 4 months ago -- check it out.

Next, Aaron offers to bury the hatchet (at least for the holiday season) and unite for the people who love country music and give them the biggest country music concert possible this Thursday.

Finally, we get around to the new album and Aaron reveals that this album will have more country music, more steel guitar and more fiddle.

Always a fun time when The Honky Tonk Kid joins the show. To stay up to date on everything Aaron Watson 'like' him on facebook, follow him on twitter or check out his website and we'll see y'all Thursday at Graham Central Station in Longview.