Last week I invited Aaron Watson to Radio Texas Live but it seemed Aaron was a little confused what this invitation meant.  Apparently he thought an invitation to Radio Texas Live meant he was in charge, he was wrong.  Besides butting heads we also play an abbreviated version of 5 Questions, debate baseball and debut his brand new single "Fast Cars Slow Kisses".

Things got a little strained between us right from the beginning when Aaron insisted on revealing the only people in the normally busy RTX studio were him, his road manager Clint and myself.

In this next segment Aaron and I talk about Philadelphia Phillie Chase Utley, New York Yankee Derek Jeter and Aaron reveals his theory how the Boston Red Sox made it into Kevin Fowler's latest video for "Hell Yeah, I Like Beer".

Next it was the first ever 3 Question edition of 5 Questions.  And it's a good thing I only had 3 Questions for him because remarkably even though I had less questions it ended up being the longest 5 Question segment we've ever had, because Aaron Watson was in the mood to argue plus Nelly and Katy Perry make their Radio Texas Live debut, check it out!

Next we've got Aaron Watson's official 5 Question score.  But of course Aaron had to argue with me about that too.

Finally here it is the Radio Texas Live debut of "Fast Cars Slow Kisses".

I'll leave you with one of Aaron Watson's live Front Porch performances from Friday here is "Barbed Wire Halo" and I've got to say despite our tumultuous journey in the end I believe The Honky Tonk Kid and I developed a mutual respect for each other...  Kinda like Tom Hanks and Geena Davis in "A League of Their Own" --I'm Tom Hanks.