Alabama are the latest country act to receive a star on the Music City Walk of Fame. Randy Owen, Teddy Gentry and Jeff Cook were inducted into the Walk of Fame on Thursday (May 26), along with R&B singer Sam Moore.

Kos Weaver, executive vice president of BMG Chrysalis, Alabama's current label, helped honor the trio, saying that working with the music icons is among the highlights of his career.

"I’ve had the good fortune of being at the helm of BMG Records here in Nashville for a couple of years now, and our crowning achievement in my entire time there so far is, we convinced the No. 1 country band of all time to sign with us," Weaver boasted. "My bosses were very happy when I was able to sign these guys."

The "Come Find Me" singers, who remain the most awarded band in country music, with more than 40 major honors to their names, including two Grammys, were humbled by their latest accolade.

"I want to say to our fans and everybody we’ve worked with in our career, a great big thank you," Cook said, with Gentry adding kudos to his two bandmates, "because without them, I wouldn’t be under the tent," and "the Lord, for being raised in a country where you can start out with nothing."

Gentry also recalled getting his start in a soul band in high school, where he learned to play bass, before making the switch to country music.

"Later on, I was fortunate enough to join up with these two guys," he continued. "It’s such an honor to be here today, and for our children and grandchildren … for the folks down the road. They say once they put it in concrete they won’t take it up, so I hope not."

Owen used his time at the podium to thank Alabama's adoring followers, many of whom have been with the band for decades: "I wish you could understand the thankfulness that we feel in our hearts, for everybody all across the country that we get a chance to play for," he noted.

Although all three men live in Alabama, they feel a special affinity for Music City.

"Thanks to the city of Nashville, even though I don’t know my way around," Owen concluded. "Used to be, when we first came here, we stayed at the lowest-rent motels, and we still do."

Following their induction, Alabama stopped to sign autographs for many of their fans in attendance at the ceremony.

The Country Music Hall of Fame recently announced that they will open an exhibit about the band, Alabama: Born Country, on Aug. 25. A list of all of Alabama's upcoming shows is available on their website.