JB and the Moonshine Band have a brand new album "Beer for Breakfast" out Tuesday (March 6) and in another RTX-clusive they stopped by for the world premiere of that brand new album. If you missed it don't worry, we've got all five tracks that have only been heard on Radio Texas Live, right here in the RTX Rewind.

Here's the first half of our interview. First up the debut single, title track and highest jumping song this week on the Texas Music Chart (No. 40 - No. 26) it's "Beer for Breakfast".

Next we went old school on all y'all and played the original version of "Perfect Girl" and yes, it says "boobies" quit giggling.

Next we played JB's personal favorite song off the album "Yes" and I showed off my Spanish speaking skills.

Next JB and I talked about our time at University of Texas at Tyler together. Then, if you didn't know JB can rap. Not wrap, rap. So I surprised him with a song called "Me and My Boyz" a rap song he did with The Lacs, check it out this song is really good.

Alright everyone I'll have the rest of the interview and more brand new music from "Beer for Breakfast" up tomorrow so be sure to check back. Don't forget JB and the Moonshine Band are going to be at Hasting on Broadway in Tyler from 4-7 tomorrow signing autographs, singing and giving away swag for their album release.