JB and the Moonshine Band have a brand new album “Beer for Breakfast” out today (March 6) and in another RTX-clusive they stopped by for the world premiere of that brand new album. If you missed it don’t worry, we’ve got all five tracks that have only been heard on Radio Texas Live, right here in the RTX Rewind.

Now it's time to find out what "a Gabe" is, we talk about JB's back-road adventures, we find out the story behind "The Only Drug" and we play it, press play.

Did you know JB and the Moonshine Band are all the rage in Paris? Welp, they might be but none of them know French to know for sure.

Now back to more new music check out the world premiere of "Kiss Me That Way"

What are the ingredients to a great story? Chicken sandwich, Shooter Jennings, Nashville and Torren The Merchman. Gabe and Hayden explain.

And finally we close the night with the original party rock anthem "I'm Down" I'll even include the video for the song, but check out the audio first, please.

And here's the official video for you too.