I remember one of the first times I spoke with Aaron Watson, it was probably about two years ago. I believe he was calling in right about the time his remake of Tom Petty's "Walls" was topping the Texas charts.

If my memory serves me right, I asked him something along the lines of "Sure you can take a Tom Petty song to No. 1 in Texas but which of these songs could The Honky Tonk Kid also take to No. 1 in Texas?

A) Nelly's "Country Grammar" or
B) Katy Perry's "I Kissed a Girl"

And while he still hasn't proven it, he answered with true Aaron Watson confidence -- he said both A and B. And actually I believe him, I think if he wanted he could remake both to Texas hits (ball's in your court now Watson).

But that was not the biggest thing I took from our conversation that day. Now, I was about to attempt to type, for you the story he shared from memory, but didn't think I'd do it justice. So, excuse me a moment.

I just went home got my old interviews flash-drive and have it right here for you. Hear for yourself the story he shared with us about his father that day.

What an amazing lesson for a kid to learn. That day, probably without even realizing it, Aaron's father taught him respect, tolerance and patriotism. Something some Americans go a life-time without learning. While it was probably not that exact moment that lead Aaron to honor and support our military men and women in the fashion he always has, I don't think it's too presumptive to say it's the perfect example of the type of environment that raised a boy to be a man who does.

All the proceeds from Aaron Watson's latest single "Raise Your Bottle" will be donated to The Boot Campaign to assist our military and their families through hard times. All of them. And he's doing it because that's the way he was raised.

Here's the entire single "Raise Your Bottle" for you to preview before you download it.

In a Boot Campaign press release Watson said,

My new single, "Raise Your Bottle," was inspired by not only my Dad, but by all Veterans, both past, present, and future.  This is a special song to me because it is something that is bigger than myself, and even bigger than country music.  This song has a higher purpose than just achieving some ranking on a chart; it will be a workhorse for our heroes raising both awareness and money.  Every penny that this song generates will go directly towards our wounded heroes and their families; families just like mine.  I may have written this song, but this song truly belongs to the men and women who inspired it, who wrote it with their actions of bravery, courage, and sacrifice.  "Raise Your Bottle" is my way of saying thanks for FREEDOM!

Aaron, as an Iraq Veteran, I raise my bottle to you. Thank you.