Rita Ballou joins The RTX Crew (that rhymes) each week to bring us the Dirt in Texas and Red Dirt Music. She's not one to pull punches and remarkably she actually does seem to have her hand on the pulse of our scene. She tends to ruffle feathers but that's only because people are paying attention.  And do not forget besides being a blogger she is also a true fan of good music so take her stories as they're meant to be taken, in fun --or to be mean I'm honestly still not sure. 

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    New Music From Roger Creager?

    YES! The new single "Turn it Up" is out to radio this week and will be on his forthcoming album titled “Surrender” which is set to be released January of 2012. Read More.

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    Granger Selling Out?

    Not quite. But the Texas Music singer/songwriter/nice guy is pushing a new drink, well two to be exact. Granger Smith and his band will be "using Piranha Water for hydration and Koma Unwind Relaxation Drink to ‘unwind’ after each performance for the remainder of 2011." Read More.

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    Woody Didn't Make Toy Story 2 Without Buzz Lightyear...

    ... So why is Pat Green releasing "Song's We Wished We'd Written II" without Cory Morrow? Even though the Tech buddies do sing one entire song together on the project,  it's just not the same. Read More.

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    The Eli Young Band World-Wide Take-Over

    It was a big week for EYB not only were they The Late Show musical guest on Thursday, their single "Crazy Girl" is certified platinum and is poised to be there very first #1 Billboard single. Read More and watch their performance here.