Rita Ballou joins Radio Texas, LIVE! each week to keep us up to date on all the happenings in the Texas and Red Dirt Music scene. This week Rita gave us the scoop, this week we get a Rita review of Eli Young Band's new video, plus the first ever "All the Dirt in Red Dirt -- in Reverse!"

EYB's "Skeletons" Video

If I had to pick an Eli Young Band song from their new album to REALLY "Skeletons" would be on the top of my list. Its my second most’est favorit’est song from the Life At Best album. It at least has some balls to it. And these week the guys released a video for it. Not too much to review here. I could make the “How many country music boy band’ers does it take to change a light bulb?” joke, but that’s not even very creative.

At least no chinese food eating robots from outer space were used in the filming of the video, unlike the infamously bad “Say Good Night” video.

Cory Sings About Rita

I enjoy Cory Morrow music, always have. Well now it seems our ol’ pal Cory has gone and immortalized the YOU, Rita Ballou for all time and all eternity. He and Brian Keane have written a song called “Glass Houses,” it’s about rumors, and lies — so naturally Rita too.

The best line? There’s quite a few good ones, but the winner goes to:

Pat Green and I once shot a man, just to watch him die. Well that must be true cause Rita Ballou just posted it online.

Congrats (I think) Rita! Here’s the first ever video of the song, enjoy. And I’ve gotta point out that I got this video up way before Rita did, if things like that matter to you.