American Idol contestant, Scott McCreery did not disappoint last night. The Contestants had to sing songs from the year they born, so Scott  went out of his comfort zone a tad by singing in a slightly higher range with the 1993 Travis Tritt’s ‘Can I Trust You With My Heart.’ Although he still kept his traditional country roots, it was refreshing to see he could be versatile.

According to Taste of Country Scott’s parents said he used to sing Elvis Presley tunes and that probably helped him in his own singing development. More after the jump.

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Randy Jackson, who worked with Tritt in the past, said, “You did him proud. You can sing anything and I love seeing you take chances to hit bigger, longer notes. I believe in you man.” Overall, whether McCreery wins or not, he has a promising career in front of him.

I really am enjoying this years’ Idol. It reminds me of the first Amercian Idol with all the talent and excitement. It’s a great show to watch with the entire family, and that’s hard to find these days. Can’t wait for tonight’s results. Who is