I am lovin' my new home here at KNUE.  One of the best parts is working with East Texas sweetheart Amy Austin (I even get to share an office with her.)  So as everyone in the ET area knows she's led a very interesting and fun-filled life, but what's better is she loves to talk about her wild and crazy antics with me and I just soak it all up, taking very meticulous notes the whole time...

... And then I  put all of her stories on full blast, all across East Texas like when I broke the story about her kissing Def Leppard front man Joe Elliot, who by the way have a new live album out in the US June 7th.  So this leads us to the latest breaking installment of  'Amy Austin Did Whaaaat!? News' starring my boss Amy Austin.

Did you know that Amy Austin simultaneously stands on a bucket and steals the show from Tom Cruise, Kyra Sedgwick and all else who dared to be in 1989's Oscar winning Born On The Fourth Of July?..  No?  Well, with a little help from YouTube,  my never-give-up-attitude and general lack of real work to do I found the scenes that I'd like to present now as arguments that THEY may have been what actually secured the Best Director Oscar for Oliver Stone and Best Film Editing Oscar for David Brenner and Joe Hutshing. Check it out!

You can see her at 3:21 gettin' her picture taken with her chubby, gum chewing prom date.

And again at 3:42 with a DIFFERENT guy this time a balding high school-er, out on the dance floor.

There ya go East Texas, hope you enjoyed watching this as much as I did posting it. And I'll def keep yall updated on the latest breaking 'Amy Austin Did Whaaaat!? News' as it develops..