Some call him an outlaw, some say he's crazy, some don't even call him by his name. Of course, I'm referring to David Allan Coe. From what I've read about Coe, by the age of 9 he was in and out of reform schools, correction centers and prisons. According to his publicity handout, he spent time on Death Row after killing a fellow inmate. It is true that the legendary country singer is defiant, loves motorbikes, has multiple tattoos and ultra-long hair, so I guess that would make him a natural for a "Nashville outlaw."

Whatever you call him, he has some killer music, including "The Ride," "Mona Lisa," " You Don't Even Call Me By My Name," "Longneck Redneck," "Jack Daniels If You Please," "Take This Job and Shove It," "Willie, Waylon and Me," "She Used To Love Me Alot," "If That Ain't Country," and tons more!

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Now, for some "Mona Lisa!"