Before seeing this video I had never heard of a Bugattii car, so I Googled it. Wow! These cars can run up to a cool $2.5 million or more! So, why would anybody want to drive this car into a lake? That's the multi-million dollar question.

A trial will begin later this month after an insurance company filed a lawsuit against a Texas man accused of intentionally driving his $1 million Bugatti into a lake to collect on the insurance policy.

Andy House, the driver, told police he dropped his phone while driving on a highway near Houston. House told police that when he looked up, he saw a pelican and swerved off the road and into a lagoon in Galveston.

Nearby motorists, who were awed by the site of the 2006 Bugatti Veyron, caught the entire accident on video and posted it to YouTube.

Just three weeks before the accident, Philadelphia Indemnity Insurance Co., issued a $2.2 million policy on the Bugatti. The insurance company is now using the video as evidence to say House committed fraud because there was no pelican in the video.

The insurance company is also saying that House made no attempts to brake and he “intentionally drove the Bugatti into the lagoon to destroy the car and collect proceeds approximately twice the value of the car.”

If this is true, greed makes people do crazy things!