Hi. My name is Buddy Logan, and I suffer from PPV -- or Phantom Phone Vibrations. The good news? After reading this, I no longer feel alone.

An Indiana University-Purdue University Fort Wayne study of 290 undergraduates found that 89 percent have felt the phantom buzz sensation at least once — usually about once every two weeks.

I got my first cell phone when I was 18, in 1999 and I've been embarrassed to admit, but I've been silently suffering from PPV ever since. I just assumed I was alone.

Until now this has been a problem that has been ignored, swept under the rug due to the social backlash of coming forward. People are understandably embarrassed. But no more, no longer are we the embarrassed minority, today we are the overwhelming majority. You are not alone. Now, thanks to this study, we can finally deal with this minor inconvenience openly.

But there are still questions, researchers are still uncertain about what causes the sensations,

Researchers haven’t decided whether the vibrations amount to a misinterpretation of sensory input, a form of social contagion, or an outright hallucination. But this study and one before it have identified some factors that make people more likely to experience faux vibrations frequently. The most persistent phantom buzzing victims tend to be heavy mobile phone users who attach a lot of emotional importance to their text messages.

Great! According to this, I'm crazy. But chances are you are too. So do you suffer from PPV like me? And remember, we don't judge here.