Cold Cereal as defined by our good friends over at Wikapedia is:

is a food made more or less from processed grains often, but not always, eaten with the first meal of the day or sometimes as a snack later in the day. It is often eaten cold, and high in sugar.

Back in my day we really didn't have the choices like today with a complete aisle at Wa-lMart dedicated to "starting the day off right"  when really is seems there is enough sugar to rot our children's teeth and energize  their blood stream with enough glucose to trigger a diabetic coma.

Saturday morning rituals all over the United States includes a television for some cartoons and a bowl of cold cereal and milk.  At my house the kids would try to keep the tv down so that I would wake up and start the dreaded Saturday chores.

Do you think we are rotting out kids teeth and brains?