Last week we were lucky enough to get Granger Smith to stop in --TWICE! Once during the afternoon show on Wednesday and then he was back  Saturday night for Radio Texas Live.  On Wednesday I had a surprise for him, one of his biggest fans out in California -Arnold Schwarzenegger on the phone!.. Yep me and the govern-ator ar BFFs, click here to check out that conversation.

Fast forward to Saturday, Granger was back and somehow Arnold managed to make it past the RTX phone screen-ers and back on the air and here's what followed.

Next Granger is planning on recording his first live album this November and he broke the news here first. Check it out, then make plans to head to College Station in November.

Granger is known across Texas for his very well-maintained and updated youtube channel, we talked about that, then ol' dude sideswiped me by bringing up my own music video debut in the JB And The Moonshine Band video for 'Im Down' --I've got that video for ya'll down there.

Finally, how cool was it that Granger chose to debut his next single to radio 'I'm Wearing Black' with us first on Radio Texas Live.  It's another RTX-clusive, check it out!

And here's that suh-weet JBMB video for 'Im Down' Granger brought up..