Have you ever thought about how far your favorite artists have come during their careers? Now is the perfect time to see just how much change occurs over the course of a career!

The country music industry has changed over the years, much like anything else tends to do. Artists change, and yet some of them still manage to stay the same.

Check out these artists and how far they have (or haven't) come:

Blake Started his career with the release of his self-titled album in 2001. Singles from the record include 'Austin' and 'Ol' Red' ('Austin' remains his longest-lasting no. 1 single). Fortunately for 25-year-old Blake, his career launched with the release of that album. Today, Blake can claim 13 chart topping songs, along with many other fan favorites. His latest album, 'Based on a True Story...' has released two popular singles since its debut on New Years Day ('Sure Be Cool If You Did' and 'Boys 'Round Here'). There is no doubt that Blake has changed with the times, but he has stayed true to his roots and continues to sing what he loves.

In October of 2006, this undiscovered superstar released her first self-titled album. At the age of 17 was quickly becoming one of the most well-known artists in the industry with singles like 'Tim McGraw' and 'Our Song'. Since the release of her first album, Taylor has released three more and toured all across the world. Although Taylor is often classified as more pop than country, she is still passionate about her work and is constantly writing new song ideas. Her latest singles include '22', 'We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together' and 'I Knew You Were Trouble'.

Willie may be one of the few country stars who has hardly changed throughout his career. With his career beginning in 1956, Willie has had a lot of time in the spotlight but has never veered from his style. With singles like 'On the Road Again' and 'Whiskey River', it's hard to say that Willie changes his work to better suit the times; his work is classic. His countless hits have defined Willie's life and personality for years. Not to mention, Willie has barely changed his appearance throughout his entire career - making him one of the most recognizable artists in the industry.