Patrick Greene was public enemy No. 1 to a lot of East Texans. He was a member of a group fighting to have a nativity scene removed from the lawn of the Henderson County Courthouse last winter that caused nationwide controversy. He stood in the middle of a heated religious debate in the buckle of the Bible Belt.

Not anymore.

In the middle of the debates and threatening to sue the county over the nativity scene, Greene found out his sight was failing due to cataracts, glaucoma and symptoms of a detached retina. But one East Texan woman, Jessica Crye, asked Sand Springs Baptist Church to help a man many had a reason to hate. They sent him thousands of dollars to help with rent and medical bills, among other things.

In the midst of the movement of compassion, Greene told The Christian Post he became a believer in Jesus Christ.

"I kind of realized that the questions I [was] asking you just had to accept on faith without doubting every period and every comma," Greene told The Post.

Greene was previously a member of the Freedom From Religion Foundation, which threatened Henderson County with a lawsuit if it did not remove the nativity scene in front of its courthouse last Christmas, arguing it was unconstitutional. Both sides of the line flocked to the scene for debates, rallies and protests.

But, now Greene even wants to be a pastor.