A favorite in Texas, Bart Crow (who can't sing along to 'Wear My Ring') has finally released a live album and not only that he and his wife have welcomed a brand new bouncin' baby boy into their lives, who according to Crow all he does, right now is "eat, poop, sleep and cry."

In addition to the spankin' new baby, Crow has a new album with many songs you all ready know. The new album 'Brewster Street Live' was recorded at historic Brewster Street Ice House in Corpus Christi and of the new song 'Not Going Crazy'  Crow told Taste Of Country.com

It was a first attempt at a lighter side of the Texas native’s heart, compared to the last record. “I was just coming off of ‘Heartworn Tragedy,’ and I was gonna vow to write happy songs instead of everything so dark, or darker, or dark toned,” Crow says. “So that was my first stab at being completely chipper.

The new live album is available now on iTunes at BartCrowBand.com and LonestarMusic.com get your copy today and be sure to come check out Bart live at Electric Cowboy in Tyler this Wednesday March 9th in the mean time here's a preview of the new BCB live album