We all have been guilty of one or more of these beauty sins. You may have seen the inside of a tanning bed at one point in your life and/or popped a zit or two. We're all guilty of committing a beauty sin, but we’ve discovered why those indiscretions may be doing you more harm than you think.

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    Sleeping with Your Makeup On

    Let's be honest - sometimes we all go to bed without taking off our make-up. This is the worst thing you could do for your skin. (not to mention your sheets) Especially if you have acne -prone skin.Leaving makeup on overnight clogs your pores and traps in dirt from the day. Nighttime is your skin's time to repair itself. If you are lazy at times about washing off your make-up before bedtime, leave make-up removing wipes on your bedside table.

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    Over Exfoliating

    Sure, a little exfoliating treatment every now and then feels like tiny angels are scrubbing your face with magical toothbrushes, but exfoliate too much and you could be doing more harm than help for your skin. Exfoliating gets rid of all the dead skin cells on your face, but this in turn makes it more vulnerable to the sun and your favorite products.Professionals recommend a few times a week in the summer and once a week in the winter do you don't dry your skin out. My skin is sensitive, so I don't exfoliate often, and when I do I use a scrub for sensitive skin.

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    Not Getting Enough Sleep

    Who has time to get in seven to eight hours of sleep? Sorry to break it to you, there's just no way around this important beauty must. Like with leaving your makeup on, nighttime is your skin's prime time to repair and rejuvenate, so those hours of shuteye are important. If you find yourself falling behind on sleep, make sure you turn off the tube, close your laptop, and set your BlackBerry to sleep mode so you can mentally check out and focus on dozing off.

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    If you don't take any advice - take this advice. Stay out of the sun unproteced and out of a tanning booth!Just don't. On top of that little thing called skin cancer you're guaranteed to get brown spots and wrinkles. Wear sunscreen every day (even in the winter) and reapply every few hours when you are vacationing.

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    Popping Your Zits

    There is nothing more frustrating that walking around with a blemish on your face, but popping it is not the solution. The pros say picking at your face often leads to depressed scars, skin infections, and sometimes broken blood vessels. Instead of popping, use an OTC benzyl peroxide or salicylic acid treatment.

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    Over Moisturizing

    Slathering your face in lotion, especially in the winter is good for your skin, right? Not necessarily. Doing so can cause you to break out, or can even give you milia, tiny white spots that are formed when dead skin is trapped in the skin. To keep your complexion clear, choose a lightweight moisturizer. If you're prone to acne, pick a serum over a lotion to keep your pores clean.

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