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I don't completely understand it, but this holiday ritual is one that some people live for - Black Friday shopping! I have relatives that actually camp out at Best Buy every year to be sure they are at the front of the line for the big deals. Me and my wife normally get up early, but don't necessarily worry about trying to be first in line. Last year we actually got our teenage daughters up out of bed before dawn to brave the stores with us. One of my daughters actually witnessed a fist fight over a crate of toys that was shrink wrapped in the middle of the isle. Some items don't go on sale until a specific time and the people were supposed to be waiting for an associate to come open the display and begin handing out the items. Some shoppers couldn't wait and began to tear open the shrink wrap themselves. Way to get in the holiday spirit!


Enjoy this list of the best places to hit the big deals on Black Friday! Be aware, several stores are actually opening Thanksgiving evening to get a jump start on the holiday shopping season! Forget about sleep - who needs it! Pull an all-nighter and save a ton of cash!
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Walmart is the go-to store for any and all of your shopping needs. If you need electronics, toys, clothes, anything- they will have it. Walmart has the best deals on their products throughout the year, so their Black Friday deals should be hard to beat.Walmart is actually opening their doors at 9:00 pm Thanksgiving day for a better shopping experience.

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The mall is probably the go-to places for Black Friday shopping. There are stores for children, adults, teens, moms, dads, etc. Head to the mall on Black Friday for some early Christmas shopping and great deals.

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Target, like Walmart, has just a little bit of everything from electronics to clothes to home decor. Target can be a little bit pricey, but with all of the discounts it should be worth getting up so early!

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This is the store for all of you nerds out there. From TV's to stereo systems, to XBOX games to laptops this store has anything and everything electronic. I wouldn't be surprised if Best Buy draws one of the biggest crowds this year.

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Kohls already has some of the best money saving deals of any store around. They have clothe from children to men, but also home decor as well. Saving money will definitely be easy at Kohls on Black Friday.