We all complain about our jobs. Well, if you aren't one of the lucky and rare few that truly enjoy your job. Even then, I bet you wonder if there might be something better out there. Here is a ranking of the best and worst jobs to have. Find out if your job is really the worst.

The list of 200 were judged by; work environment, stress level, hiring percentage, income, and physical demands. The list begins at number one for the best job to have and slowly turns into the worst at number 200.

So, where did you and your job land on the list?

Let's begin with the top five jobs.

1. Actuary
2. Biomedical Engineer
3. Software Engineer
4. Audiologist
5. Financial Planner

Yeah, I didn't know what any of these were either. These folks and whatever they do is apparently the best choice on the job market.

What is the worst career to pick? Here are the bottom five from the list.

1. Oil Rig Worker
2. Actor
3. Enlisted Military Personel
4. Lumberjack
5. Reporter (newspaper)

Well, that is horrible. I can almost understand, but don't like, that the men and women protecting our country are seen to have one of the worst jobs. And, those poor people here at home working to the bone to bring use wood and milk are at the bottom of the 200 too.

What about the more common everyday heros?

Bus Driver # 157
Fire Fighter # 167
Elementary School Teacher #  93
Police Officer # 166
Nurse (registered) # 55

Want to know what your ranking is? Check out the entire 200 of The Wall Street Journal's list. Some of the rankings will be jaw dropping surprises.