Deborah Lilly is suffering from end stage liver failure and is in dire need of a liver transplant. To help raise funds, Ignite Club on Lake Palestine welcomes country rapper Big Smo in concert tonight at 9 p.m.

Her son wrote the following at

Deborah Lilly Anderson is widely known for her life long compassion and generosity in helping others in need. She raised three children as a single mother and still managed to open up her home over and over again to other families in need.

I cannot count the number of friends and even strangers my mother took into our home when growing up. To this day, as she fights end stage liver failure, she is still more concerned about everyone else more than herself.

With no insurance, our options for a liver transplant are limited. We are in the process of approval through two different companies. The first we are working with is the Mayo Clinic. Should this avenue fail us for any reason, our secondary option is through a company called World Med Assist where she can receive a liver transplant from a live donor performed at a highly qualified facility in India for approximately 70K all expenses paid.  (See ABC News clip)  Much less than 330K for a liver transplant in the U.S. Currently she is healthy enough to travel yet time is invaluable.  I (Debbie’s son) have pledged to donate 1/3 of my liver to my mother.  My liver will fully recover to normal size and shape in 3 – 5 weeks.  There is a 0.5% chance for complications on the live donor’s part.