Ronnie Dunn and Reba McEntire almost persuaded Blake Shelton to run off to Vegas and marry Miranda. Get the whole story at Taste of Country.

Ronnie Dunn called into KMPS in Seattle to chat about his new single, advice he received from Garth Brooks, and most interestingly, what kind of mischief he and Reba McEntire were up to last time they were in Vegas. Read More...

“Oh, I’ll tell you a cool little story. We were out with them [Lambert and Shelton] in Vegas about 6 months ago, with Reba McEntire, at dinner,” he says, acknowledging that he and McEntire had had a few drinks. “Reba and I were feeling pretty good, and we’re egging them on — we were gonna take them to one of those little wedding chapels! They were ready to do it, for real. Honestly.”

Sounds like Ronnie and Reba are real prankers! I'm sure that Miranda's Mother was glad to hear that they didn't go through with it! I'm still waiting on my invitation to the wedding. It should be coming soon.

Okay, just let me have my delusions!