The first episode of Blowin' S#?t Up with Kevin Fowler saw everyone's favorite Fowler use tannerite and his AR-15 to demolish a printer -- that poor, poor printer. In episode two of his foray into controlled explosives, he destroyed both a watermelon and a cantaloupe, neither ever stood a chance. Then in episode three nothing got blown up, absolutely nothing. But in episode four, Fowler is back on track. Let's see what S#?t Fowler is blowin' up this time.

What happens when Kevin takes his AR-15 and shoots a wee bit of tannerite underneath an old Television set? You're fixin' to find out.

There we go, I love Blowin' S#?t Up with Kevin Fowler! Be sure to listen for Fowler's next single "Here's To Me and You" coming to KNUE radio very soon.