Country superstar Brad Paisley's latest LP "Wheelhouse," has stirred up some controversy. Why? Two words: "Accidental Racist!" "Accidental Racist" is a duet Brad recorded with rapper LL Cool J and it deals with, well, racism.

To add to the drama, this morning the duo released "Live For You," a rap-country mix about a loving a lady rather than fixing a racial divide. The song is featured on LL Cool J's LP, "Authentic."

"Live for You" isn't likely to have the same backlash as "Accidental Racist," which has come under fire since its release earlier this week. Both LL and Brad, however, have stood by the both songs..

Brad Paisley told, "he wouldn't change a thing" about the track, while LL told CNN he's "really proud" of the song and its message.

It's funny how much of an uproar these songs have started. So it takes a couple of songs to get things stirred up?! It's racism folks, it's been around for a long time. It's not something to be proud of, but don't you believe it should not be forgotten? Americans' history, good or bad, should be talked about so that we, and especially our children, learn from our country's mistakes and triumphs.

I say good for LL and Brad for following their convictions. If it makes people feel unsettled or upset, I say good to that as well. Maybe after all this time, we as humans and a country, can get past racism and the world can become, what I feel it was meant to be, a place where everyone is accepted for what is inside of them, instead of their skin color or other differences.

I can image some of you shaking your heads and calling me "polly anna," and that's okay, that's your right! Isn't it great that we can express our feelings openly in this country.

I included a few videos that I thought you guys would be interested in. Please take part in the poll too. Just food for thought!

Brad Paisley Comments On His Song "Accidental Racist"

LL Cool J & Brad Paisley "Live For You"