This past Friday our good friend Brandon Rhyder stopped by to perform on The KNUE Front Porch, before a show that night at Where's Rufus Sports Bar -which if you're wondering was an AWESOME show.  Anyway, he showed back up Saturday night on Radio Texas Live and hung out for a bit and if you missed it, not anymore here it is for ya!

With all these wildfires working to burn Texas down Josh Abbott (who's headlining Festival on The Square Oct. 8th) and Brandon decided to donate all money brought in from a previously unreleased song they wrote together 'Hell's Gates On Fire' to victims of these devastating fires.

Click here for more info about the song and to make a donation.

Brandon was the 39th musician to record a Live at Billy Bob's album, it was released earlier this Summer and he and I talked about it and the DVD combo that comes with it.

Brandon's last No. 1 was the first release off his Live At Billy Bob's album titled 'Lord, I Hope This Day Is Good' a remake of the Don Williams classic.  The second release off the album and his current single is 'In The Country' which right now is sittin' pretty in the Top 5 on both Texas charts and in the next week or two could very well be his next No. 1 --here it is.

And now LIVE from The KNUE Front Porch here's Brandon's version of 'Hell's Gates on Fire'.