A mainstay in the Texas Music Scene, Reckless Kelly have finalized the date for their new album, titled 'Good Luck and True Love' it's set to hit stores September 13.  Willy Braun lead singer of Reckless called in to Radio Texas Live back in May and told us a lil about the new album such as: will it be rocking like 'Bulletproof' or more country and roots like 'Somewhere In Time'?

Here's what Willy had to say

And as many who listen to my show know,  I graduated High School in Idaho, which so happens to be the same state Willy and Cody Braun of Reckless Kelly and their brothers Micky and Gary Braun of Micky And The Motorcars call home.  So last time Willy was in the studio I challenged his knowledge of 'The Gem State' (That's Idaho fool!) -he did quite well.  So this time we found out how well he knows his adopted state, Texas with some in-depth Texas questioning check it out!

--Not too bad.

Well, their last album 'Somewhere In Time' was entirely comprised of songs written by Braun family friend Pinto Bennett and I've gotta say it was one of my favorite albums out the past 2 years but having said that I must add I am very excited to hear RK's return to RK songs written by Willy which is what the new album  will be.  Be on the lookout, 'Good Luck and True Love' hits stores September 13.