In the midst of tragedy and dark times, like the devastation in Moore, Okla., there can be some bright spots. These bright spots or moments, get you through the craziness and sadness and give you hope and the will to overcome and be stronger for it.   Such is the case in Moore, Okla., where owners are happily being reunited with their precious pets.

Moore resident Barbara Garcia was interviewing with CBS News when she got the surprise of her life. Barbara was telling the reporter that she had lost her dog, when right at that moment, a crew member from CBS spotted the puppy just a few feet away from where Barbara was standing. Can you imagine the reunion that must have been? Just one of many bright spots in this overwhelming dark tragedy.

Mrs. Garcia remembers sitting on a stool in her bathroom, holding her schnauzer tight in her arms when the tornado ripped through the Oklahoma City suburb of Moore. The force of that tornado knocked the stool off the floor, and Garcia dropped to the ground. She lay in the rubble, but says she never lost consciousness.

Here's what she told CBS News:

“He didn’t answer, he didn’t come, so I know he’s in there somewhere,” said Garcia, looking out at the wreckage that was once her house. “It was there and it was gone,” she added, nonchalantly saying twisters are part of "life in the big city."

That was the moment, when the CBS crew member spotted her sweet schnauzer in the rubble.

But there are many more stories like this waiting to happen. As people are attempting the long journey back to some kind of normalcy and the clean up begins, many pets remain unaccounted for. But thank goodness, there is a wonderful group of dedicated rescuers who are trying to find the owners of these misplaced animals.

Emily Garman, the co-owner of Oklahoma Medical Group and a board member of the Bella Foundation, an animal non-profit, has started a website as a "lost and found" for Oklahoma residents and their pets. is already helping many who are looking for their pets. The website is also acting as a foster board in the event the animals can't be claimed immediately.

When tragedy strikes, we as a nation always come together and help one of our own. It doesn't matter what race, sex, creed or political affiliate you are associated with, it all drops to the wayside in times of need. That's what we should concentrate on, and that's what this nation is all about.

I continue to prayer for the residents in Moore, Okla., and surrounding areas, and wish them a sense of peace and safety. God Bless!