Radio Texas Live host Buddy Logan will be cruising it next week on the FFriends of Habitat of Humanity cruise." Ports of call will be Cozumel, Grand Cayman and Jamaica. I'll be here holding down the fort -- what's wrong with this picture? Oh well, Buddy works hard and he deserves some R&R. But I've made it my duty to give Buddy a 'to-do' list for his travels. These are things I think he should do to get the most out his cruising experience. Bon Voyage, Buddy!

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    Cave and Cenote diving

    When my family and I visited Cozumel, Mexico, we decided to step out of the norm and go on an adventure. We chose to check out the Cave and Cenote diving excursion. It was the best part of our vacation! A Cenote is actually just a sinkhole. A place where a cave ceiling has fallen in. The amazing fresh water cavern systems are filled with stalactites, stalagmites, and columns that you see throughout the caverns. The formations are incredible and the beautiful clear fresh water, with no current, no waves and 200 meters of visibility is amazing! The experience also included a homemade lunch on the beach. We were treated to home-made guacamole, tortillas, grilled chicken and fresh salsa! And yes, Buddy, Dos Equis too!
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    Take a jump off the Negril Cliffs

    Jump Buddy! But this is something that my husband and I enjoyed when we visited Jamaica 16 years ago. Located on Negril's West End, these dramatic and soaring cliffs were used as a backdrop for the James Bond film "Thunderball." Have a few drinks and something to eat at Rick's cafe! Under no circumstances should you miss the sunset from Rick's -- that would be an unforgivable sin!
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    Visit Sting Ray City

    This I've never done -- swim and feed the Sting Rays at Sting Ray City. But if I ever get to the Grand Cayman Islands, I will be the first in line. I can just see Buddy now. Stingray City is Grand Cayman's most popular attraction for snorkelers and non-swimmers. Buddy can feed and pet, yes pet, the tame sting rays that actually love humans! And since Buddy will be in the 'birthplace' of diving and snorkeling, he might as well check out the colorful tropical fish at the magnificent coral reefs. Oh, I think I'm jealous!
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    Do What The Locals Do

    Seek out the 'out of the way' places to eat and hang out with the locals! The food is always better than the restaurants that cater to tourists and the locals are usually willing to help you find the best attractions, bars and places to shop.

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    Get Those Red Locks Braided!

    You bet! When in Rome, do what the Romans do! We need some pictures of Buddy's hair braided when he gets back, right?

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