Bullying is a subject that unfortunately my family has had to deal with. The aftermath for the victim is something we know all too well. Our precious daughter was bullied relentlessly in elementary and middle school. We were aware of a few incidents and thought is was taken care of. But it wasn't. The brutal hatred continued and the scary part was that we had no idea. Years later, the effect of that bullying hit my family like a truckload of bricks. That's why we champion against bullying and the horrible effect that can stay with the victim. When I saw that TJC was holding a presentation on the subject, I wanted to pass it along to others. If you suspect, investigate. From personal experience, your child may not be telling you everything or is good at hiding their feelings. In our case, the hatred and negative actions and words toward out daughter made her believe that her bullies may be right.

The Tyler Junior College Residential Life and Housing department will host award-winning speaker Brent Scarpo for a presentation on hate and bullying this  Monday, April 23 in the Apache Rooms of Rogers Student Center. The presentation begins at 6 p.m. and is free and open to the public.

Scarpo’s presentation, “Why Do You Hate Me?,” has been offered at more than 300 campuses nationwide. It is an open dialogue that examines the source hate comes from in our lives, both externally and internally.

Patti Light, assistant director of residential life says this about Brent Scarpo;

Brent will create a dialogue that engages the students,” “He asks the audience what actions and behaviors they are manifesting in their own lives that harms themselves and others. In this age when bullying, hate, crime and self-sabotage are destroying our students, we can be a part of the dialogue that could change their lives. “

If any of you think that you have a child, or adult, who may be the victim of bullying or may be a bully, this could be a place to get answers. For more information on Brent Scarpo, log on to Brent's website.