Strobridge Elementary School in Hayward, CA hosted a toy gun exchange this past weekend.

The school's principal, Charles Hill, believes that children who play with toy guns frequently will not understand the seriousness of real guns. This idea led him to initiate a toy gun exchange for his students.

Students were encouraged to come to school on Saturday, June 8 and bring their toy guns. One toy gun traded in allowed to student to receive a new book and entered their name into a raffle for a new bicycle.

The event also had police officers and firefighters present to discuss safety precautions  regarding guns, fire and bicycles with the children.

The Responsible Citizens of California, a group that aims to inform the public of facts regarding gun rights, spoke out against this toy gun exchange on the basis that guns are not explicitly used for violent acts but also for defense and protection.

What's your take? Would you support something like this at your home school?