She's beautiful and she can sing, but can she act? Well, the entire world will find out when Carrie Underwood's new movie comes out next Friday.

The movie stars Anna Sophia Robb in the true story of Bethany Hamilton a young girl who lost her arm while surfing to a shark attack.  The movie features Helen Hunt and Dennis Quaid in addition to Carrie Underwood.  Underwood told

I think the most challenging aspect of making this movie, for me, is just that I’ve never done it before,” she says. “This is all very new to me. I know how to sing. This is something … I’m way out of my element.”

I saw her guest role on How I Met Your Mother (one of the best shows on TV) and was impressed, we will see though if her small screen warm up got her ready for the big screen when Soul Surfer is released Friday April 8th