Casey Donahew, he’s one of the biggest names in Texas Music right now and he called  into Radio Texas Live last Saturday.  And if you missed you you missed a lot... but we got it for you right here in The RTX ReWind.

If you didn't know Casey's show have been ridiculous in the sheer amount of people who show up for them, so the first thing I did was make sure Casey was aware of the numbers he's racking up.

Next we talked about a show in Dallas a couple weeks ago where he  performed a song with JB And The Moonshine Band front man JB Patterson that they wrote together in front of 10,000 plus peeps! But will the song be on the new CDB album? Listen to the audio and you'll know!

Next I think Casey and I pretty much got the name of the new album narrowed down as well the first single off of it.  I think it's a great idea anyway!

Radio Texas Live, Saturday nights only on 101.5 KNUE, don’t miss it.