Ten years together, five albums deep, comprising a slew of No. 1 Texas songs, and the expectation to sellout any and every venue they so much as sound check in -- Casey Donahew Band is not just one of the hottest bands in Texas. They're one of the hottest bands period. Casey called into Radio Texas, LIVE! last week to discuss their 10-year anniversary, new music and more.

"It's crazy we've been doing this 10 years," Casey says, "I couldn't imagine one year, much less ten years, [I can't believe] were still out here doin' this," But it's true. And to celebrate the band is putting out an anniversary video, they've got commemorative t-shirts and there will be special giveaways throughout October.

Their latest single "One Star Flag" reached No. 1 this past week on the TRRR, and will likely get there this or next week on the TMC. "Another No. 1 means a lot, you know [it means] the fans get out and support what we do," Casey says of his fan base. And of the fast-paced single he told me, "This is one of the songs I loved on the record from the get-go, I love that uptempo stuff, it's right in my wheelhouse."

Casey's been busy collaborating with a few names you'll know, and the band is very eager to get back in the studio. Who has Casey been writing with?

"My favorite East Texas Band is JB and the Moonshine Band," he says, "[JB and I] wrote another song (the first was Double Wide Dream)... I'm not sure 100% if this is the title, but the song is called 'It's Better to Lose on Love Than Love a Loser Like Me."

Casey says they'll probably shorten it. Just "Loser" is a possibility.

But JB is not the only one he's been working with. He, Cody Johnson and Kevin Fowler have written a "Texas Country Christmas song" which they hope to get out in time for the holidays.

Congratulations guys on 10 years, and here's to another 10.

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