Raise Your Hand If You’ve Gone to Work Sick [POLL]
If you are one of millions who go to work even when you're sick, please continue. According to NSF International, a public health testing group from Michigan, you're not the only one. In a recent poll of more than a thousand U.S. adults in the middle of this year's flu season, a quart…
CVS Pharmacy Stores to Stop Selling Cigarettes + Tobacco Products
In an unprecedented move, CVS Pharmacy announced it will no longer carry tobacco products or cigarettes in its more than 7,600 stores, including those right here in East Texas. The company made the announcement Wednesday morning, saying by Oct. 1, they'll no longer sell the products. This marks…
Dove Campaign Teaches Beauty Through Selfies
Self-esteem issues are prominent in today's world, especially among girls who feel the need to compare themselves to the women in movies, on TV, in magazines and on advertisements. Dove is on a mission to change that.
Are Spanx Bad for You? [VIDEO]
"Say it isn't so girls!" Our beloved shapewear, and yes that includes Spanx, could be bad for our bodies. What? Yep, doctors are now claiming that our bulge-fighting underwear is damaging our internal organs.
Amy Austin + First Lady Michelle Obama Have Something in Common!
I just realized that I have something in common with First Lady Michelle Obama. Mrs. Obama turns 50 this Friday (same day as my as my daughter, Chloe, and I turned 50 this past September. But that 's not all we have in common. The First Lady says she would consider BOTOX and plastic surgery in …

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