OOPS! Obamacare Support Line Spells Out a Dirty Word
It seems someone has a lot of time on their hands! Evidently, the support line for the Affordable Health Care site, spells out a dirty word. You'd think the government would have picked up on that. Never mind, it sounds just like the government!
Top 5 Body Health Tips For the Cooler Weather
As the weather cools down, we all need to make sure we make it through healthy and happy. The weather change means our bodies will need a few things added to the daily regime to keep up. Here are a handful of things to make sure you are doing from the Autumn season leading into winter.
Driving Through the East Texas State Fair Traffic
This Friday (Sept. 20) will the opening day for the East Texas State Fair. This means that the area of Front Street near the fairgrounds will be loaded with traffic and pedestrians. Here is how you should treat this area during the time the fair is in town.
Tips For Child Passenger Safety Month [VIDEO]
September is Child Passenger Safety Month. During this entire month, we are all encouraged to be come aware of and learn more about ways we can all keep our little ones safe while traveling around town. Here are a handful of helpful tips to achieve more safety for your child passenger.
Sleep. Are You Getting Enough? Probably Not! [POLL]
When it comes to ranking nations on the amount of sleep that its citizens receive, the US appears near the top of the list with those that receive the least amount of sleep. In a recent survey from the National Sleep Foundation, they surveyed 1500 people from six different countries and found Americ…
Today is National HIV Testing Day
Today is a very important day for all of us to practice and pay attention to. National HIV Testing Day is all about sexual health and HIV awareness. Take a moment to realize and practice something that could save your life or the lives of your loved ones.
The Real Facts About Smoking While Pregnant
We all know that smoking cigarettes is horrible for our health. We also know that it can affect those around us, especially the little ones growing in your belly. But, some people do not understand how important this is. Here are some real facts about why should should never smoke while pregnant.

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