Yellow Ribbon Warnings For Your Children
Do you know what a yellow ribbon tied to a dog's leash means? Well, for your safety and the safety of your children, you should learn. Knowing the warning this yellow ribbon brings can save you and the little ones from a bad situation.
5 Lucky Food Items To Ring In 2014 With
As 2014 approaches, we look for ways to bring us better luck and good fortune for the new year. If you believe in eating your way to good luck, here are 5 things that can help you achieve your goal, plus, these New Year's Eve treats can be easily served at your New Year's party tonight...
‘Call to Arms’ Blood Drive is Jan. 6-11 All Over East Texas
Mix 93-1, Classic Rock 96-1, 101.5 KNUE and Hot 107-3 Jamz are teaming up with Carter BloodCare of East Texas for the annual 'Call To Arms' Blood Drive on Jan. 6-12 to help raise the blood supply levels here in East Texas and to help save the lives of East Texans too. Every pint of blood t…
Can a Person Really Be Scared to Death?
With Halloween almost here, people are decorating their houses, going to haunted houses planning their parties and of course, getting ready for those trick-or-treaters. But for some, Halloween can be quite scary.
5 Reasons You Should Drink Coffee
When someone older than 17 says they are not a coffee drinker, we normally just look at them with a bit of wonder and say, "Your loss." And, we were right. Here is a list of very persuasive reasons why everyone should drink coffee to back up our argument.
Flu Shot Season
As the weather is getting cooler and East Texas transitions from summer to something like fall, it's the perfect time to make sure that you and your family get flu shots.

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