Big Seats Up for Grabs in Local, Statewide Election Runoffs
Today is voting day and this is your right and chance to get your voice heard. Even though it will be hot there today, it's important to exercise your right to vote. The polls opened at 7a.m. this morning and will remain open until 7p.m. tonight. So get out and vote.
Texas Governor Rick Perry Rejects Obamacare
Gov. Rick Perry, in a letter to U.S. Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius, today confirmed that Texas has no intention of implementing a state insurance exchange or expanding Medicaid as part of Obamacare.
Cher Gets Ugly About Mitt Romney in Her Tweets
Just the mention of the name Cher to some people and it upsets them. Well, Cher has definitely stirred up a bit of upset for some Mormons. Yesterday Cher  used a nasty term in a  Twitter attack on presidential hopeful Mitt Romney.
Store Clerk Fired for Refusing EBT Card for Cigarettes [VIDEO/POLL]
A convenience store clerk in New Hampshire was fired after six years on the job for refusing to sell cigarettes to a 20-year-old man who was paying with an EBT cash card. Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT) is an electronic system that automates the delivery, redemption, and reconciliation of issued p…
Supreme Court Upholds ‘Obamacare’ [POLL]
The high court’s verdict on President Barack Obama's Affordable Health Care Act is in and the Supreme Court has upheld the law’s requirement that most Americans have health insurance -- and the decision was made as a tax.
TV Show ‘Game of Thrones’ Beheads George W. Bush [VIDEO]
Popular HBO television show "Game of Thrones" used a head of former President George W. Bush in a decapitated representation and posted on a spike in one of its episodes. It's a move that's drawn all sorts of political and social criticism and an apology from the network.
Is President Obama Losing Support Of Black America? [VIDEO/POLL]
With November right around the corner and everyone gearing up for this election, new polls are indicating that many citizens, and primarily Black America, have changed on their political support and views of President Barrack Obama. Or have they? Dr. Boyce Watkins has said the enthusiasm for Preside…

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