Is President Obama Losing Support Of Black America? [VIDEO/POLL]
With November right around the corner and everyone gearing up for this election, new polls are indicating that many citizens, and primarily Black America, have changed on their political support and views of President Barrack Obama. Or have they? Dr. Boyce Watkins has said the enthusiasm for Preside…
Sara Evans Outraged by Controversial Time Magazine Cover
Very few who’ve seen the controversial cover of this week’s issue of Time Magazine walk away without an opinion, and country star Sara Evans is no different. She is one of two female vocalists outraged by the photo, which shows a three-year-old boy standing on a chair…
President Obama Supports Gay Marriage [VIDEO/POLL]
President Barack Obama announced earlier today that his support for same-sex marriage views are “evolving.” In an interview with Robin Roberts, the President opened up on his new views involving same-sex couples and came out in full support of their human rights.
Best Country Artist for President – Readers Poll
To date, no country stars have offered their names as candidates for the US presidency, but that won’t stop us from wondering what it would be like if stars like Tim McGraw, Reba McEntire and Hank Williams Jr. traded in their tour bus for a seat on Airforce One. Which country music s…

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