My ‘Go-To’ Meal When You Don’t Want to Cook
Many of you know that I am NOT a cook, nor do I care to cook! This was always distressing for my Granny. But, as Granny always said, "I just wasn't bent that way." Anyway, there are times when I feel guilty about always serving pre-made meals.
Recipes For the Perfect Easter Dinner
Why fight the crowds this Easter Sunday? Don't go to a restaurant, cook at home. Nothing can finish off an Easter spent with family better than sitting down for a home cooked meal. Don't know what to make? Well, let us help you.
Amy’s Search of the Best Way To Hard Boil An Egg
I need to start by letting those of you who don't already know, that I can't, nor do I really want to cook. But, last night I wanted to mix up some tuna fish. I like dill relish, onions and a hard-boiled egg in mine. Well, I always have trouble with boiling the egg.
Dips Perfect For Your Christmas Party
If you are planning to throw a festive Christmas party and you want it keep it casual, here are few of my favorite dips for chips, veggies or breadsticks! And of course these are simple and easy because that's all I do.
Turkey: Smoked, Oven Roasted or Fried? [POLL]
With Thanksgiving coming up Thursday, the annual radio station Thanksgiving lunch with the staff and family is coming up tomorrow afternoon and of course the main dish at the luncheon will be turkey. But how that turkey gets prepared for us was up for a great debate!
My Favorite Comfort Foods from Childhood
As many of you know, I'm not a great cook. Well to be honest, I'm not a cook at all. I haven't kept this a secret. I never learned, and I never really wanted to. But it's odd, because my mother is an excellent cook, and her mother was such a great cook that she makes Paula Deen l…
Refreshing, Easy and Fun Drinks for Fourth of July
The 4th is here and a lot of us are grilling and having guests over. You want to do something festive and fun and what's  more festive and fun than good old fashioned lemonade and a frosty root beer float?! Check out the recipes below and have a wonderful Independence day!

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