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Reckless Kelly: New Music, And Late Night 90’s Television
I love Reckless Kelly music!  Should I be more impartial than that? --nah.  Their last album 'Somewhere In Time' a collection of Pinto Bennett songs blew me away.  It also saw the guys stray, successfully from their rockin' ways into a much more country/roots type of so…
Eli Young Band’s New Album ‘Life At Best’ Out Today [AUDIO]
Eli Young Band have been on the verge of so-called national "success" since the release of 2008's 'Jet Black And Jealous' and it's first single 2007's 'When It Rains' -their first Top 40 peaked at a cool 34 on the billboard chart.  They've enjoyed respectable but limited billboard success …
Your First Listen To Robert Earl Keen’s ‘I Gotta Go’
"He reminds me of a white Snoop Dogg" --this according to an old Army friend of mine who listened to much more rap than country music. He's been the inspiration for many Texas artists from Pat Green to more recently Rich O'Toole. His music has explained life and chances…
Arnold Schwarzenegger, Granger Smith And New Music [AUDIO]
Last week we were lucky enough to get Granger Smith to stop in --TWICE! Once during the afternoon show on Wednesday and then he was back  Saturday night for Radio Texas Live.  On Wednesday I had a surprise for him, one of his biggest fans out in California -Arnold Schwarzenegger on the pho…
Granger Smith Tonight At Electric Cowboy [AUDIO]
Granger Smith who is one of the funnest and funniest (just check out his youtube channel) performers in the Texas Music scene will be back in Tyler tonight, live tonight at Electric Cowboy.  You can buy tickets now at outhousetickets.com.
His show tonight prompted me to go back in our audio archives …
Whiskey Myers ‘Firewater’ -Album Cuts [AUDIO]
The guys from Whiskey Myers stopped by Radio Texas Live last week and on top of the fan favorite '5 Questions' we played album cuts off 'Firewater' it was an RTX-clusive opportunity to hear songs off the album that if you don't have, you haven't heard yet.
Johnny Cooper Pics From The KNUE Front Porch
Wednesday Johnny Cooper came to the KNUE studios to perform on our Front Porch for some of our great listeners, below are some pics from the show and of course it was a great performance from J-Coop, as usual.  We'll be sure to get some videos posted later this afternoon, so check back.

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